Yokohama 720r Tires

Commercial Truck/Bus. Medium-Duty Truck Radial Drive tire Built Specifically for Pick Up Trucks and Last Mile Delivery Operations in Urban Environments.


  • All new N speed rated casing design
  • Sidewall protection
  • Funnel shaped step grooves
  • Wide lateral grooves run across the center rib
  • Deep, open shoulder lug grooves
  • Circumferential serpentine grooves
  • Deep 18/32" tread depth


  • Allowing for speeds up to 87 mph\
  • Reduces damage caused by curbing and scrubbing in typical urban operations
  • Prevent stones and debris from reaching the bottom of the groove where casing damage can occur
  • For improved wet and snow traction
  • Provide high traction and fight irregular wear
  • Evacuate water to provide confident wet weather traction throughout original tread life
  • Provides aggressive traction and longer wear without sacrificing fuel efficiency


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