Pirelli Pzero Winter Tires

Winter Passenger Car tire. Original Equipment (OE) on Select Vehicles.


  • Internal shoulder has high sipe density and multi-directional grooves
  • Two stiffer central blocks
  • Longitudinal grooves
  • External shoulder is characterized by a sequence of blocks with low sipe density and high stiffness in order to control lateral forces during cornering
  • Pirelli Noise Cancelling System™ (PNCS)
  • Carries the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) symbol


  • To maximize performance on snow
  • Designed to guarantee high steering response
  • Facilitate water ejection
  • Help control lateral forces during cornering for better grip
  • Significantly reduces noise inside the vehicle
  • Meets the required performance criteria for Use in Severe Snow Conditions


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