Pirelli Pzero AS Plus 3 Tires

All-Season Ultra-High Performance Passenger Car/SUV tire.


  • 3D interlocking sipe system along with optimized tread pattern stiffness
  • Functionalized polymers
  • Engineered with a more uniform pressure distribution in the footprint
  • More squared-off footprint
  • Asymmetric tread design with optimized pitch sequence
  • Higher sipe density
  • Larger longitudinal grooves in the shoulder
  • 50,000 Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty


  • Supports improved braking in all weather conditions
  • Extend the compound's working temperature range without sacrificing grip
  • Resulting in more even wear
  • For less friction and increased mileage
  • Takes advantage of a larger footprint for greater handling performance
  • Provides a quieter, more comfortable drive
  • Improves snow performance grip
  • Increase water removal from the tire footprint, boosting wet performance


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