Hankook E3 Wide Tl07 Tires

Ultra Wide Base Trailer Position Radial Truck tire with Optimized Design for Long-Haul Trailer Applications. SmartWay Verified.


  • Nine rib pattern with zigzag and straight groove
  • Optimal linear grooves
  • Wide tread design
  • Multi kerfs
  • Enhanced stone ejectors
  • Spiral Coil Technology
  • EPA SmartWay Verified


  • Provides better stability and even wear
  • Provide outstanding wet traction
  • Maximizes wear resistance, along with longer tire life
  • Offer exceptional traction throughout the life of the tire
  • Help prevent stone drilling and maximize casing durability
  • Provides a stabilized footprint and strengthened casing durability throughout the life of the tire
  • Provides low rolling resistance for improved fuel efficiency


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