Continental Dumpermaster Tires

Radial OTR Earthmoving Tire for Loaders and Dump Trucks in the Mining Industry.


  • Continental Intelligent Earthmoving, equipped with pre-mounted sensors
  • Robust 3/4 star construction
  • Wide footprint
  • Reinforced, stable deep tread design
  • UGM cut and chip resistant compound
  • Zig-zag design with multiple edges
  • Connected tread block
  • Round shaped tread groove
  • Extensive sea ration of tread
  • V-Ply construction


  • Continuous tire monitoring, reducing tire related breakdowns and vehicle downtime to increase efficiency
  • For highest load carrying requirements
  • For long service life and comfortable ride
  • For protection against penetrations
  • Ideal for most aggressive ground conditions
  • For maximum traction in circumferential and lateral directions
  • Increases stability, especially during tight downhill turning
  • Reduces stone trapping
  • For high amount of gripping edges
  • High load capability and low heat build-up when driving longer distances


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